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An innovative complete package

Since its foundation 8 years ago, SV-Consult GmbH (SV-Consult Ltd), stands for professional sound reinforcement in gastronomical businesses.

With over 2000 satisfied customers, we are the market leaders in legal music systems.

The Music Engine is a moder music computer for professional use with sound systems in hotels, restaurants, pubs or cafés, shopping centres, event locations – in short: it’s the perfect product for your business. As a licensee of national and international licensing companies, you and all our clients are legally protected when using our products.

Thanks to many years of experience in the catering business you will receive expert advice on all matters concerning music – you can count on us! Our customers agree that Music Engine is not simply a product, it is an essential building block that benefits you when designing your business’ musical aspects. Influence consumer behaviour, time spent in your establishment and – as a result – your profit, all by effectively using this simple but professional and – most importantly – legal music system.
Single or multi- channel systems for your business: the possibilities are endless. Play relaxing music in wellness areas or club sounds in lounges. Up to 6 channels are available to you and your guests.

All in One

Our motto is reflected in all facets of the company: “All in one”. We will deliver all necessary hardware, software, the music database, additional products such as a touchscreen etc.

The song titles are managed by a user friendly database and can be expanded with updates or your personal song collection anytime.

With our help, the world of modern sound reinforcement is at your feet.

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