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Help - (FAQ) Frequently asked questions

Music Engine X50 – connecting cables correctly

Richtiges anschließen der Kabel - Variante X50

How do I load updates into my Music Engine?

Place the update DVDs in the DVD drive in numerical order (an external drive must be connected via USB for ALL-In-One machines) and first click “Options” then “Update”.

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Music Engine Mini-ME – connecting cables correctly

Richtiges anschließen der Kabel - Variante Mini-ME

How do I look for and select a song from the music database?

You can insert or exchange one or more songs within the current playlist by selecting “Insert Song” or “Change Song”. Inserting and exchanging songs will make no lasting changes to the playlist, it only alters the momentary song sequence. You will find three search options in the bottom left hand corner of the menu: search by
“Artist”, “Title” or “Playlist”. When ou have found the song you are looking for it, select, drag and drop it into the “Selected Titles” field, or select it and click “Add Tite”. Complete song insertion/exchange by clicking “OK”.

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The music computer is turned on, but I can’t hear the music. How can I fix this?

  • Check the Music Engine volume settings (Options-Settings-Volume)
  • Make sure the audio cables are connected. Use headphones to hear if the computer is sending a signal. You can use regular headphones.(connect them via computer’s headphone jack)
  • If the PC is sending a signal but it is not audible via the speakers, then the equipment (mixer, amplifier, etc.) connected to the Music Computer need to be examined.

How can I create a playlist?

Create your own playlist by opening the “Options” menu and selecting “Playlists”/”New Playlist”.

How can I mix different lists?

The button “Change List” exchanges one playlist for another. “The button “Insert List” allows you to insert another playlist into the current one. The new playlist will be inserted after the currently selected song (blue bar).

Video tutorial

How can I restore my saved settings and personalised playlists?

Use the restore function which can be found in the “Options” menu.

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How can I add titles to the current playlist?

  • You can drag-drop individual songs into the playlist by accessing the “Options”/”Playlists” sub-menu.
  • In the “Options” menu, select “Insert Song”/”Playlists” to add songs.
  • Easily add currently displayed songs in the Standard Menu: just double click the song name then click “Add song to another playlist” in the pop-up menu to copy the song into another playlist. (choose playlist and click “Add Song”)

How can I check my Music Engine’s update status?

Your Music Engine’s update status can be found by clicking “Info”.

Can I import my own songs into the Music Engine?

Yes, use the “Import Song” function in the “Options” menu.

Video tutorial

How can I back up my settings and personalised playlists?

Use the back up function in the “Options” menu.

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The update was interrupted during the updating process, what should I do?

Click “Info” and double click the displayed update number. Select “Remove defective update” to view and removed upates that were recognised as being incomplete.

No image is displayed on the monitor when the PC is turned on

  • Check if the monitor is turned on
  • Check the connections to the monitor

The Music Engine won’t turn on, what can I do?

Check if the power cord is connected correctly. Check the socket.

Music Engine 19” PC 3HE – connecting cables correctly

Richtiges anschließen der Kabel - Music Engine 19 Zoll-PC 3HE

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