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SVC Player – Single Channel

Our software solution for professional use and amplification of mp3 music files through your sound system. We will only ever use our very own software solutions for your Music Engine. This allows us to react to our customers’ specific requests quickly and efficiently.

Over the years the SVC Player has been developed and equipped with numerous additional features, most of which were inspired by our customers’ requests. Therefore, the Basic Single Channel software is perfect for individual and customised use of your sound system. Here’s a list of the most important features, based on the numerous applications:

high quality selection of songs
prepared playlists
automatic weekday playlists
automatically controlled schedule based on weekdays
updates of newest songs
Advertisements are automatically played
outstanding database
uniform volume
simple user interface
large display that is easy to read
innovative search engine
headphone input

SVC Player – Multi Channel


The multi channel system (only in combination with the Music Engine 19” 3HE) enables you to play individual playlists/songs in up to 6 separate rooms. You can either manage all the music from multiple Music Engines in different locations, or one central one. The SVC Player’s features remain the same.

Additional features:

6 audio outputs
play individual playlists/songs in up to 6 separate rooms
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